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Carlos Cruz Blanco portrait - Founder of World Transformation Movement Colombia

Carlos Cruz Blanco is a chemical engineer and Research & Development scientist. He obtained his degree in Chemical Engineering from National University in Colombia and two Master’s degrees, in Materials Science and Materials Engineering, from Queen Mary University in London.

Born in Bogotá in 1971, Carlos speaks Spanish, English and is learning German. He has a curious mind that has always been drawn to new ideas that enrich one’s life, including religion, science and philosophy. Carlos also loves reading (non-fiction in particular), films, music and football.

“The book and the videos, all the information that I have seen on the WTM’s website at, have helped me to find more peace, to be more calm and to have more hope.” Carlos Cruz Blanco

“How are we capable of doing such horrific things that at some point they became a day to day event—and yet at the same time be capable of doing very great things? It was that contrast that was always with me, asking, almost pleading, ‘God, how come we can do so much good, and at the same time behave so badly?’ It’s fantastic that this paradox can finally be answered from a biological scientific point of view.” Carlos Cruz Blanco